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How can i pay ? 

You can pay via credit cart or bank transfer. If you choose credit cart, please set currency to TL because just TL works.( We put Dollar to our web site just for comparison to TL.)

How it works ?

Person who needs supportSupport specialist
Download "getsupport.jar" from here.Go to pandaremote panel. (You must be logged in.)
Run "getsupport.jar". To run getsupport.jar file, jre8(java runtime environment) or higher must be installed on your system.Give an "access code" to the other person.
Enter "access code" then click "getsupport" button.Give a name to the device (like "john' s pc" ) then press connect button.
If an error occurs, close(x) and then reconnect.If an error occurs, close(x) window, then reconnect.

To connect more than one device simultaneously, you need to open pandaremote panel for every device in a new tab or window.

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